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One thing led to another…

… & before a realized what I was doing I’d rearranged half the room. My craft room is great, I love it. However, I still wasn’t sure I had some if the things in the right place yet. Today, when I was clearing away one project ready to start another one, I began to feel like all I was doing was moving deck chairs on the Titanic. Every where I wanted to put something down there was already something else in it’s way. So I would move that somewhere else & then later want to put something else there, & so it went on.

I’m suffering from insomnia again at the moment. My neck is causing me a lot of discomfort, for reasons that are not very clear. I have some stuff fogging my brain & clouding my thoughts – both during the day & at night. I know I’m not on the ball right now, I’ve given the boys each other’s lunches a few times now, & is not always easy for them to switch at school. I’m forgetting things & behaving clumsy. It’s not a bad thing that I am just hanging out at home for most of this week, less likely to get into any serious trouble. Instead, I could have gotten my self into a right pickle moving shelves, but of course I didn’t think of that at the time, or how bad it would be for my neck!

Still, it’s done now & I think it will work better to have all my card making & scrapbooking stuff occupying one corner of the room instead of either side of my big craft table. I now have my eye on our old dining room table to put my sewing machine on, but it’s currently being stored in a different part of the house. I think it best that I save that for another rainy day.


Until next year…

Yes, as brutal as those 120+kms are, they still want to do it all again next year. Whistler is a great location to enjoy time with good friends, & new friends. The kids got on amazingly well considering half of them didn’t know each other, while their parents bonded over celebratory drinks & good food. The weather was perfect. The hotel was excellent (as always), & the weekend was much more fun in a group. It’s always hard to say goodbye to one of my closest friends, but it is a sign of a true friendship when no matter how long it is since we’ve seen or spoke to each other, it’s like it was just yesterday.

So, until we do it all again next year…

The Cauldron…

Nope! Nothing to do with Harry Potter this time. Hubby is competing in the Americas Masters Games here in Vancouver. Today he played 2 games of squash & tomorrow he’ll be cycling 95kms. We attended the opening ceremony this evening where they lit the Olympic Cauldron. I know they light it every Canada day but the last time I saw it a blaze was actually at the 2010 Olympics, which I have to to say was pretty amazing. I remember the Olympic torch running past the end of our street just before the opening ceremony, it was quite emotional to watch.

Tomorrow the boys & I will wear our souvenir games shirts with pride, & together we will stand on the side of the road & cheer for our favourite athlete as he races by.

Go Hubby Go!!!

Type A Lego…

I might have mentioned before that I love Lego, & in October the Imagine Nation Lego tour is coming our way & guess who just bagged tickets? Hubby is away that weekend so just the 3 tickets purchased (that’s ok he hates Lego anyway) & there is a big crowd of friends from school going too. I’m really excited – I know that’s really sad, but I am currently building the Mini so I’m kinda in the zone. Not only that but the boys & I a having a major sort out of the obscene amount of Lego that they own.

It all started after they’d had a sleepover with school friends who have their Lego separated into colours. My type A tendencies have wanted a better system for ours for a long time, but boys being boys no matter what I tried it still ended up in one big bin all jumbled up. However, they were really taken by the colour coding so that’s what we are currently doing. I had an old set of plastic drawers from my early crafting days, you know type with castors & 2 sizes of drawer? Well, we easily filled that in no time & didn’t have enough drawers for all the colours – & there is NO WAY I could mix of course. So today while younger child was at soccer camp, elder child & I did the grocery shopping & found an even bigger version of these drawers in Canadian Superstore.

This afternoon the 3 of us sat (again) sorting it all out & thankfully we are nearly there. This has now prompted them to rebuild some of the sets that have long been broken up, like the police station & airport. However, when I walked in the younger child’s room this evening I was not happy to find that the booklets were all over the floor from him trying to find the one he needed. As you can imagine I have also tried several methods of keeping them tidy, but again to no avail. My type A’ness took over leading to the 3 of us (again) sitting down & sorting out all the booklets into categories. Then, we got Ziploc bags & a sharpie, bagged them all up, labeled them & put them back in the box the same box (which is also a Lego storage box, of course!). Hopefully now that they are older they will continue this type A’ness & keep everything a bit more organized… but then it’s possible that hell will freeze over first!

Tuneless torture…

So I’ve been learning to play bar chords since March, & to my great disappointment I rapidly discovered that they have nothing to do with ordering large glasses of wine! My guitar teacher introduced me to a Jack Johnson song that is terrible (which he agrees), but quite good to practice to. I was actually relieved to miss last weeks lesson (he was doing a gig) because frankly even my ears were finding it painful whenever I practiced. Even up until yesterday I was embarrassed to say I could still only scrape through the introduction. Then suddenly something clicked & I played the whole song (well, apart from the bridge in the middle which seems physically impossible). I did it a couple more times & even hubby thought I’d improved. Fab! I could go to my lesson today & feel like I’d progressed…

We always chat a bit at the beginning of the lesson, & to be honest it’s my mouth just trying to save me from the extra humiliation of my tuneless strumming. Sadly my teacher has got wind of this & actually said that I couldn’t put it off any longer. I was honest & said I was having trouble with the bridge – which he expected as everyone does in the beginning – so we went through that a few times with & without the music to follow. I kind of felt ok at this point, knowing I would still be bad, but more confident than if it had been the previous week…

OMG! It was terrible!! It was as bad as it would have been last week – maybe worse. How was it that I could go through it however many times & think I’d nailed it then my fingers made me out to be a liar? Apparently I’m being really hard on myself, he thought that I had improved greatly, & at least now could recognize which chords I was supposed to be playing along with the song, so yes that is definitely an improvement. I was so relieved when he said we would just work with it for another couple of weeks then move onto something else I can practice over the summer – Phew!

However, he is now on the lookout for a song I like that ALSO has bar chords for me to practice – NOOOOOO! Save me from myself & further humiliation, not to mention subjecting my loved ones to more tuneless torture!

That moment when you…

… finally realize that you might never be able to do something you really enjoy.

We took the boys to the climbing wall today with some good friends we have started climbing with last year. Hubby is nursing a back injury & I threatened divorce if he climbed – & as you know I’m the first person to practice what I preach (haha!). So we both just belayed the kids, which is pretty much what I’ve done for some time now but at least the option was still there for me to have a go if I was feeling good. Not now, I had a moment, about an hour after we’d arrived, when I was just standing in the open space of the more difficult/lead climbs. Elder child was grabbing a snack while hubby belayed younger child, & our friends were on the lead wall. I looked around at all the people working their way to the top, their determination, concentration & the thrill of what they were achieving. That’s when it hit me…

The physician’s are running out of solutions to fix my knee. When I see my surgeon again on Friday I think it will be a very frank discussion about whether or not she can help me. Or more to the point, if she is willing to do the only thing that hasn’t been tried yet – surgery of some description. If nothing more can be done to make it even slightly better I will be facing the reality that this is it. No more family skiing, bike rides, hiking, and definitely no more climbing.

Yes there are people much worse off than me, especially when the loss of such trivial activities to some are what’s making me sad, but family time is priceless & these are activities we enjoy together. Ok, so I can still belay & I can après ski, but this is not the same as enjoying those moments that only you share with the people you love. For example, the epic yard sale that one of you has suddenly when you looked like you were nailing every mogul; or the amazing view while sat having lunch at a glacial lake where the dog slipped off a log & fell in; or the cool breeze across your face because you’re enjoying one of those rare occasion in Stanley Park when you can cycle faster than the joggers.

I still want to do all those things because so many other things have taken away. Keep your fingers crossed I can have them back – & soon.

Today I chose to…

  • be sensible & rest my poor knee
  • do some stretching to help my aching SI joint
  • do all the laundry so that tomorrow is free
  • practice my bar chords over & over again because I’m going to bloody well nail then if it’s the last thing I do!
  • make some cards
  • Eat salad for dinner so I can then eat a Hagen Daz ice cream bar & not feel guilty (I am a size 0-2, this is not something I have any business feeling guilty about)
  • relax in a hot bath & finish by book!
  • Build my Lego

Today was a good day!!