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Late post again.

Another BBQ, with more of our lovely friends. Kids are going to be disgusting tomorrow – & probably the next day, but hey, it’s summer & we all had fun with our friends. Can you you tell I’m in holiday mode already?

All in a Sunday…

An early birthday party… a stroll around the False Creak seawall… iChatting with the grandparents… resting my poor painful knee… BBQ dinner (again)… folded a monster pile of laundry… organized the boys for their last week at school (JOY!)… A soak in the bath… An even bigger soak in a rather good new gin we have discovered, while maybe watching a movie.

I think I’m also ready for the summer break, this week is shaping up to be mental!

(Lame posting – sorry but I’m pooped 🙂


Family night out…

YAY! We have  survived another busy week, now everyone is safely tucked up in the mother ship. This week we were only late for choir once, nobody got sunburn, child no.1 only lost half his gym kit, but child No.2 only put his knees through another pair of school pants, however, only 3 bottles of wine have been consumed.

So to celebrate the start of the weekend we all went to see The Jungle Book – which was pretty amazing actually.

Now on the sofa & on the gin…

A Sunday of scanning & crafts…

08.30 – YAY! A sleep in!

10.00 – Hubby & elder child have disappeared off on their shiny bikes wearing smart new lycra. Younger child & I are going to build BB8, R2D2 & C3PO – a book he bought with his pocket money at the school book fair. He had done quite a lot himself but they are just made of strong cardstock with flaps & slots to hold them in place – quite tricky for a 7 year old to do. We set up in my craft room & begin.

11.00 – We have built BB8 & put a joint of beef in the oven to roast.

12.00 – We have almost completed R2, attended to the beef & prepared the potatoes.

12.40 – R2 is finished, the potatoes are roasting & the beef is almost done.

13.00 – Hungry smelly bikers return after 33kms & elder child didn’t fall off once. They also saw some friends from school & caught the tail end of the emergency services clearing up after a hit & run. Slightly more eventful than our morning in the craft room!

13.30 – We are sitting down to a proper Sunday lunch for the first time ever – I think (we normally have this at about 5pm). Elder child declares war on the chef because she forgot to buy Yorkshire puddings!

14.30 – I abandon hubby with all the dishes to head to the hospital to have a CT scan of both my knees this time.

15.00 – I arrive bang on time. No need to get changed because my cropped pants will roll up – even better. However, in the process of doing this in front of the radiographer (a guy, of course it was a guy) I discover that I must have dropped chocolate into my lap when eating my dessert. I large blob of melted chocolate was sitting between my legs in an embarrassing spot! I scoop a bit off & lick my finger announcing that it’s definitely chocolate. He did not find this amusing. The scan takes all of 2 minutes & I’m on my way home.

16.15 – We all sit down to play Cluedo, a game the boys only just learnt yesterday at our friend’s house. Considering they are not quite tuned into listening what is being said beyond their own turn, they didn’t do too badly. There was also gin involved.

17.30 – I make 2 Spiderman cards for a birthday party younger child is attending next weekend, while the boys get bathed & pj’s on early so daddy can finish reading the Narnia book to them.

19.00 – I organise everyone’s life for school, work & the morning boot camp routine.

19.30 – I thought getting ready for bed early meant that they should be in bed by now, but hubby is still reading.

19.45 – I gently remind him of the time, & he promises he’s nearly finished. They are going to be disgusting tomorrow mark my words.

20.00 – Finally! So much for their early night before school, after having two late nights over the weekend.

20.15 – All is calm & right in the world again. It must be time for wine?

Sedate sort of Saturday…

08.05 – I opened my eyes this morning & the first thing that popped into my head was… no pain in my knee. Although I still have issues with getting comfortable I had slept the best in a long time – might have had something to do with the craziness of the week & a large G&T.

08.30 – No sigh of hubby (who was dead to the world when I exited the bedroom), the boys don’t seem too bothered about breakfast, & the dog hasn’t barked once. I make a bucket of tea.

08.45 – The boys appear (starving of course because they could smell the croissants) & a very sleepy who is still not quite back to normal. I need a comforting bowl of cheerios.

10.30 – We finally leave the building to take my poor abandoned dog for a long walk (knowing she will be abandoned again this afternoon).

We dissect the previous evenings events & how I could have improved the prize table while we stroll through the forest. I discover not to be too quick to use the words ‘pain free’ & ‘knee’ in the same sentence, although I am walking better.

13.30 – We arrive home & should be at our friends in half an hour. So, quick changes all around. I empty my bag that still only the essentials I needed the day before, including a very small purse because I didn’t want to take my full purse of everyone else’s junk to the school event. When I go to put my cards & money back into my regular suitcase sized purse… no bankcard! I knew the last place I had used was at the bank on the way to school yesterday, but not since.

14.10 – We are running late but take a detour to the bank not sure if they will be open – they are not.

14.30 – We get to our friends (who don’t live very far from us at all), very apologetic. I present them with the cake we have brought for dessert – there is only one thing better than cheating & buying a dessert… winning a dessert at the previous nights cakewalk! Nice one hubby.

15.00 – We call the bank to cancel the card but because we belong to their private banking I need to speak to them. They put me through. They are closed until Monday. How is it possible that we pay for this exclusive type of banking but their opening hours are less than the regular system? My card is still AWOL & the only place I could have lost it is at the bloody bank!!

19.00 – After a very enjoyable afternoon with our friends & their kids (Husbands work together & all the kids are at the same school, both elder kids are actually in the same class). eating, drinking & playing games, it is time to go.

19.45 – Hubby drops us off & goes onto the launch of a new bike store he has an exclusive invite to (he obviously spends more on bikes than I thought & owns far too much lycra). Very hungry animals are fed & the mention of food sparks some interest in my boys who suddenly decide they are hungry too.

20.15 – Kids in bed & the dog has clearly missed me over the last couple of days as she tries to hump my foot!!

20.20 – Wine!