The joy of renovating…

… we are about to be kicked out of our bedrooms for about 3 nights. The final stages of our current renovation have become very chaotic. Today we decided last minute to pack the cats off to board at the vet for a few days while the upstairs floor & the stairs are sanded, stained & varnished. It was becoming too logistically stressful for us & them to have them confined to one room of the house. The dog is much easier to manage as she can patrol the garden.

The basement is also out of bounds now as the heated floor & new distressed wood look tiles are being layed. I had to make sure all our laundry was done at the weekend because that’s it until next weekend. It will all be worth I know, & it’s not too long now before we will have our house back. That’s when some of the real work begins – the great clean up.

Until then I will hibinate in my craft room & hopefully find something more interesting to write about. I’ve become really boring to read recently I know!

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