Important & valuable… Powerful & scary!

After our first child was born, & we bought our first family home here in Vancouver, like most people at that stage in their lives, it was time to consider the future of our assets. A will was not something we’d given much consideration to until we had more to worry about than just the two of us. It was something we very quickly realized we should put in place, especially as I had just lost my mum when 31 weeks pregnant, you just never know what is around the corner. We’d never done anything like that before so we sought legal advice in order to make sure that everything relevant at that time was covered.

Back then our extended family dynamics, & our close personal friends were quite different to those today – nearly 10 years on. Sadly, the close friends who were to be legal guardians to our boys if the unthinkable happened have separated & we very rarely see either of them. There are family members on both sides of our family that are no longer seen, or even spoken to now, & therefore we do not want them to be beneficiaries. Then there is the extra addition to our family, child number 2. It doesn’t stop there, there have been legal changes & other factors to be taken into consideration since the original documents were drawn up. We also wanted to have signed documentation pertaining to the more personal issue regarding our own wishes in the event we could no longer make decisions for ourselves (both my husband & myself).

I have to confess reading through all the legal jargon was completely alien to me, I’m sure somebody understands it. I know these things have to be worded in a certain way & are produced using a certain format, but for dizzy blondes like me they could really use a translated, simpler version so we know what we are actually signing. It’s probably the most important & valuable signature I’ll ever scribe, & therefore it makes it the most powerful & scary. It’s a slightly depressing thing to do, but leaves me with a comfortable feeling that no matter what, when, where, or how, the boys will be taken care of.

1 thought on “Important & valuable… Powerful & scary!

  1. yvrgasman

    Nice blog. It has a few more typos in than normal, which spoils an otherwise interesting topic to read about, so I thought I would let you know…

    Last sentence of 1st para: “sort legal advice” should be “sought legal advice’”

    2nd para 3rd line has the word ‘we’ missing, as in WE very rarely see either of them.

    2nd para line 5: we do NOT want them to be beneficiaries

    2nd para last sentence should read “OUR own wishes”, not ‘are own wishes”.




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