The secret life of school lockers…

Many of us often innocently say/do/imply something without realizing how it might sound to other people. Mums are possibly one of the worst for this. We are constantly watching what we say & how we say it because our innocent little darlings pick up on everything, therefore, we can often be quick at picking up on something that could easily be misinterpreted.

Yesterday one of the Motherboard mum’s asked if anyone would like some fresh herbs from her garden for Thanksgiving. She was cutting them all back before the weather turned really cold, & didn’t want to just throw them away. She had several takers. During this thread she also asked if anyone would like some Girl Guide cookies, again she had a few customers. As the thread progressed another mum asked if anyone would like fresh Bay leaves from her garden. She also had a few takers, including me.

It was decided that because we are all often in & out of school so quickly & therefore cannot guarantee seeing each other, it was probably best that the cookies & the herbs were left in our kids lockers. This is where it started to look very suspect, & we do live Vancouver where people think nothing of mixing herbs into cookies. However, we certainly don’t want to be encouraging such behavior among our children, especially when they are very vocal among the throngs of other adults when questioning why there are ‘herbs & cookies’ in their locker. One then feels one has to explain that they it’s not what they think, they are ‘fresh herbs from a friends garden’ & ‘Girl Guide cookies because we want to show our support’.

Sadly, I forgot to prime my 7 year old & explain that he would find one of these ‘dodgy’ items in his locker. I already have my cookies, but my bay leaves were deposited in his locker this morning. He thought they we just a bag of old leaves so he promptly deposed of them in the playground, watching them all blow away in the breeze was very fun apparently!

So there you have it, the secrets that can be held within your child’s locker, it could open a whole lot of news doors for all kinds of swapping, & smuggling, & the exchange of ‘goods’. I’m sure it’s all been done before, but it would make a interesting plot for a crime novel.

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