Poor Mercury…

My beloved Mini was reversed into today while I was stationary at a junction. The old fellow, who was in front of me & indicating to turn left onto the main road, decided to reverse back to allow more space for a garbage truck to turn into the road we were turning out of. He clearly didn’t look in his mirror, & reversed as soon as his reversing lights came on. I was a few feet away from the back of his car but thankfully he did’t put his foot down so the only damage was the cover on one of my fog lights & a scratch to the driver’s side front wing. I reflexly shouted ‘NO’ out loud when I saw him coming towards me, however, he didn’t actually admit to not looking in his mirror, just kept saying he was moving out of the way of the garbage truck. Well yeah, I got that, but that’s still no excuse for not looking in your rear view mirror. Then he said my car was very small. SO? He was driving a Toyota Camry, not so big that he wouldn’t have seen me HAD he looked in his mirror!

The main thing was nobody got hurt & the damage is minimal. I’ve made the claim, that should hopefully be paid out on his insurance.

This is not a good start to the weekend… pouring wine!

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