Serious shopping, stop growing!

Oh, once again elder child has grown out of clothing that was only bought at beginning of this year. After the great ‘try on’ he only had sweatpants & one pair of jeans that fit. Thankfully the top half was fine as he wears t-shirts all year round. So it was off to the outlet stores this afternoon & oh my, & did we shop!! We even went to the Lindt outlet & did quite a lot of damage on chocolate alone. I am a serious bargain hunter. I always try to buy in sales & outlets if I can, it’s very rare for me to pay full price, if I do it’s usually because I think it’s worth it. In the end we all had bags & bargains. We also treated ourselves to dinner out, & the boys let off some steam in the playground. I all made up for the wet & miserable start to the day, but of course when you decide to go shopping because there’s not much else you can do… the sun comes out!!

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