Proud Fondo widows…

A busy day yesterday, but fun. I picked up one of my closest friends, & her family, from the airport & surprised her by arranging for are other partner in crime (my BFF) to meet us too. It’s Grand Fondo weekend here, when thousands of crazy cyclists ride from Vancouver to Whistler. This year we are a group of Fondo widows & kids so are riders had quite the welcome when they crossed the finish line. They all did amazing but I have to say I am extremely proud of my hubby. He had the ride of his life. Over a hundred kilometres of rolling hills, in just over four & a half hours – without stopping once!!

While our tired hubbies soaked in the hot tub, & supposedly supervising all our children, us wives poured large G&T’s before treating ourselves to some well earned retail therapy as a reward for supporting our mad spouses. Then, this evening, we are abandoning all 8 kids with 2 nannies so we can enjoy drinks & a celebratory dinner.


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