Book club tonight… The shame – I haven’t read the book. Not only have I not read the book, I couldn’t even tell you the author or the title. I’ve missed the last two months because of vacation & surgery so I really should go with a vague idea if what it’s about. Truth be known… I’m still reading the one from last month. I don’t understand how the other mums have time to read so many books, they either work or have babies – I have/do neither!

So how do I get through the evening? I am a terrible liar so pretending I know what they are talking about during the discussion is completely out of the question. Maybe I at least find out what it’s about & who wrote it, and then I don’t look so lazy & if it’s no too deep I might be able to bluff my way through. Sadly, I fear that the only true answer to this problem is that I come clean & face the consequences. There is no other way really… is there?

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