A classic movie night…

Tonight I introduced my boys to E.T. I think the last time I watched that movie was probably 30 years ago when it was released. I don’t remember getting emotional, I was 14 so I doubt I did, but watching it with the kids – OMG! It’s one of those sad feel good movies. You’re happy that he gets to go home, but you’re sad that the boy is so upset at losing his friend. Honestly, half a box of Kleenex later – is that normal? I’m sure it’s going to be one that we watch again & again as they loved it, a true classic.

Now, with the boys in bed & hubby on call, & stuck at work it’s me & the girls – Tess & Java, fighting over top spot next to me while I edit my 3rd novel. I am currently the filling in a canine sandwich!


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