I have no real excuse for not posting yesterday other than the madness of hubby doing his geriatric olympics & getting ready for back to school. I had to have elder child ready for today because he was acting as an ambassador for the school to show the newbies around. There are not many 9 year olds who would agree to go into school a day early, in full uniform, & give up their last day of summer break. He looks so grown up when he stands before me in his blazer. This will be his last year in the junior – where has the time gone?

Younger child & I went swimwear shopping. They have both been accepted into a swimming club so they needed the traditional Speedo’s, not the board shorts they’ve lived in all summer. They better stick with it after I dropped $200 in Swimco! We also enjoyed a cheeky little treat in the coffee shop.

Well that’s it I’m afraid, I still have school pants to hem & laundry to sort…

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