Marinading in a pool of Sangria!

It’s officially the last weekend before school. To celebrate this most wonderful time of the year we had a little get together of school friends (2 other mum’s & their kids). So in the middle of the afternoon we supervised 5 kids at a friends pool while drinking something red with a strawberry in it (bottled Sangria, & it was yummy!). This was a cheeky surprise that the other mum thought we needed, being as it was meant to be sparkling water & fruit platter, but what better way to enjoy fruit really!

We talked about school, the upcoming Gala, the difficulties of having relatives staying with you, & how this school year we need to go out more. All this was in-between handstands off diving boards, trying to land in the inflatable ring when coming down the slide, & the casualties of these games (punctures & tears). As we gently marinated among the playful sounds of are little darlings, we also reminded ourselves that although we get to have our routines back, child-free grocery shopping & the occasional coffee with a friends, back to school also means after school madness. My boys have just been accepted into a swimming club which means 3 practices a week for elder child, & 2 for younger child. Younger child is also going to be playing soccer for Vancouver United twice a week, after just spending this last week at one of their camps, & they both want to continue with the drums lessons they’ve been having during summer. All this is extra to their guitar lessons & whatever they sign up for at school. I think we are going to have to be strict about what else the can manage to do, it’s great they are so keen to do all this but they can also do too much – I can only do so much!

Still, I have a week or 2 before all that madness begins…


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