The Dream…

I am one of those people who rarely remembers dreaming. Occasionally something will break my dream at some point in the day but I usually can’t explain the significance of what I’ve remembered. However, last night I had dream that was so vivid & real that I honestly thought it was actually happening. What was even stranger was the fact that it was very believable, in that nothing was strange – you know how some part of your dream is really bizzarre & clearly not real life. There wasn’t even anyone in the dream that I knew – you know how people you know pop up in a role that is very different to their norm. Maybe someone can explain this to me because your dreams are supposed to mean something…

I dreamt that I had found a lump & it was at a really advanced stage so I had to have surgery for a double mastectomy. The OR was real; the people were in their correct roles; the hospital staff were dressed appropriately & behaved like professionals – there was nothing to suggest that what was happening wasn’t part of real life. I can remember feeling emotional & scared, I was shaking as they took me into surgery. I even made them promise that my husband would be there when I woke up.

When I did wake up I must have been in very very deep sleep. I think I had been so tired that my body finally gave in & crashed. I didn’t hear my husband come in from work at half past midnight, or the dog barking at him because he’d forgotten his keys & was actually locked out. He then got up early to go for a bike ride – I didn’t hear that either, I was dead to the world! So inevitably the part of the dream when the anaesthetist was trying to wake me up after surgery was me actually waking up. The first thing I did was look for my husband, who of course wasn’t there. I looked around the bedroom dazed, wondering where I was at first, & then grabbed my chest to make sure they hadn’t really been chopped off.

After what felt like a few minutes but it wasn’t really it was probably only seconds I lay back & relaxed into the pillow relieved. Maybe it’s because I’ve had surgery recently & I’m now relieved that it’s all over & appears to have worked, I don’t know, but this was very realistic & believable. I’m sure somebody somewhere would be able to interpret it & enlighten me.

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