It’s official!!

My 9 year-olds feet are bigger than mine. It’s only 2 weeks until school starts & today was the first chance we’ve had to get the boys new runners. They need 2 pairs – one for indoor PE & one pair for outdoor PE. Not only that but both also needed cleats for soccer. It was always going to be an expensive outing so I wanted to try the outlet first in the hope of saving a few cents – & I am a prize bargain hunter!

I expected maybe to buy bigger than their current runners (which were last years school runners), it’s a standing joke with my elder son that I never buy him anything that fits. His current runners are a size smaller than me & he hasn’t complained about them being too small yet. So you can imagine my surprise when he began trying on two sizes bigger. It’s ridiculous, either it’s something to do with the style he’s chosen or his toes are crammed into the current shoes. I suppose one freak pair you can allow with style theory, but all his shoes were two sizes bigger. At least we managed to tick off all the shoes we needed in one trip & for a lot less than we would have paid in the regular stores. However I will have to go back soon & replace the home runners because now I feel guilty that they are probably too small!


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