Beautiful British Columbia…

It doesn’t get much better than this.

They don’t say it’s the best place on earth for nothing, & when you spend the weekend camping among this stunning scenery, with good friends, perfect weather & 5 million mosquitoes it creates a lasting memory. We have had fun at the lake, drank beer in the baking sun, cooked in the open air, & played campfire games that even the youngest camper could enjoy. We were grubby, tired & eaten alive. The kids stayed up far too late, ate badly & probably only brushed their teeth once, but it was for 2 days of their lives from which their memories of school friends & new friends will last forever . We had no phone signal, no showers, not even a flushing toilet. It was the great outdoors at its best & the best birthday party our friend could have had.

Who knows, it may even become an annual event now.

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