A new phone…

Poor hubby genuinely lost his phone yesterday while go karting & mini golfing with the kids. He retraced his steps but it was long gone. The phone can be replaced which is a hassle & an expense we really don’t need right now, but he also had one of those phone cases that is also a wallet. Therefore, not only did the phone need dealing with, but his credit cards, driver’s license, & hospital ID were also in there too.

We were probably getting to the point where we needed to start thinking about new phones anyway. I had a basic iPhone 5 that was constantly telling me it was full. It didn’t seem to matter how many times I cleaned it out, & got rid of things I would have preferred to have kept, it was not too long before it would warn me again. It was definitely time for an upgrade.

So off he went on a mission to sort out a new drivers license & phone. I am not very technically minded at all so it might sound like a bit of a waste to give me a brand new iPhone 6s plus. However, I take a lot of photos now because that is my main camera, & it is now my only source of contact since disconnecting our landline. Now you can see why I can kind of justify the upgrade, & when I can have it in rose gold a girl really doesn’t not need any other good reason than the fact it matches my jewelry. It was easier for him to organize a new contract & replace both phones at the same time, so that’s what he did. The new size is going to take a bit of getting used to, it is significantly bigger than my little 5s, meaning that it now doesn’t fit my neat Fossil wristlet giving me good excuse to make new purchases.

All a bit strange really, 24 hours ago I had no intention of changing the phone that soon but now I have a nice shiny new one that is apparently way better than the old one – & quite possibly wasted on me!

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