The box…

You know when very young kids, babies or toddlers prefer to play with the box rather than the toy that was in it? Well my 2 boys at 7&9 still like to do that – especially the elder one. I swear than one of these days you will see him on hoarding buried alive the amount of junk he insists on keeping, usually boxes. I remember once when hubby sent him out to put the paper recycling in the bag outside, he came back with more than he went with! Anyway, today I took delivery of one of those fancy cold water filter machines because I’m fed up of filling the little Britta jug filter, the fridge doesn’t have it’s water dispenser, & the ice maker is broken (I hate that fridge!). So thanks to Costco online I was able to go all out & purchase something that not only does hot & cold water on tap, but it also self cleans & filters tap water through a Britta filter so I don’t even have to buy those gigantic drums of water that sit on top. Unfortunately the meanies don’t supply a bottle so I will have to purchase at least one.

As you can imagine the box was tall (about 4ft) & square (about 16ins square), & of course it had all sorts of additional packaging inside. No sooner was the box empty when it was whisked away by the boys & carted upstairs. Hubby questioned them as to what on earth they were going to do with it, ‘make cat playstation dad!’ Actually quite a good idea until I saw my hot glue gun disappearing up there a short time later, along with my really good kitchen scissors. In no time at all the floor was littered with cardboard bits, hot glue was running down the side of the shelves & my meter ruler from my craft had also found its way up there at some point.

To be fair I can see how fun it will be for our cats as they love to use cardboard to scratch on, but I’m not sure the holes the boys have cut will be big enough for a squirrel let alone our two porkers!

Still, it’s a nice idea & hopefully the cats will try it out at least once just to keep the boys happy & all their time & effort won’t be wasted. I bet it’s out in the recycling this time next week so watch this space…

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