Have I mentioned…

Clear blue sky, 25 degrees =

Deposit children at school for their drumming summer camp.

Walk dog in cool forest for 45 minutes (leasing her to do the slight hill at the end because it would take 1hour 45minutes if I didn’t).

Rehydrate self & dog on return home before slapping on sunscreen & bikini top to maximize tanning opportunity.

Do stretching routine while sunscreen soaks in.

Set up ironing board on the patio (I only iron twice a year & usually in summer).

Proceed to iron while slowing baking.

Exhausted now – protein smoothie for lunch while soaking up more rays reading book.

Freshen up before physio appointment & head to the torture chamber.

Proceed to pick up the drummers before preparing a BBQ dinner.

Eat al fresco.

Repeat again tomorrow – minus the ironing!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE summer?

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