There is something very special about sharing something from your childhood with your own kids. I don’t remember exactly which birthday I received it, maybe I was about the same age as my elder son (9/10), but it’s probably one of my most memorable gifts. Our garden wasn’t very big, but big enough, I can picture it screwed into the ground like a beach umbrella & batting the ball back & forth for hours. It went everywhere I could possibly take it, caravanning holidays, the beach, picnics, & I never got tired of it. I don’t remember when or why I lost interest, but I do remember it becoming very rusty over time so maybe that’s why I gave up on it, but I’d had several years of fun out of it by that point.

My in-laws dug theirs out a few years back, I think my elder boy would have been about 5 maybe. Of course it was a much later version of my original one, some things were better, some not. I remember it being very plastic looking compare to the heavy metal of the original version. I had been saying to myself since then that I must look out for one because it’s a version of tennis I can play with the kids without all the running around.

When I saw it in Costco today I almost screamed with delight. At that moment I didn’t care if I didn’t buy a single item of food on my list, I had a SWINGBALL to play with instead. As soon as the boys got home from camp we got it out of the box to play. Once again this version has moved with the times & is very different to mine. The first thing that is notable is that it has it’s own base, which doubles up as a storage box/carry case. It’s also quite plastic in appearance but it has nice features that actually make the game easier. It was so much fun showing my kids how to do something that I learned at their age – but on my own because that’s just how it was in my childhood. Then they played each other, it made me smile because my brother was too young & not really interested in playing with me. But there they were, playing together, laughing, batting & enjoying a childhood game that will create new memories for me all over again.

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