All good things…

We have all safely returned to the mother ship after a fun weekend & what now marks the end of vacation time. Hubby & I finally got to Las Vegas on Friday afternoon – nearly 5 hours late. We were a bit grumpy about the whole thing as the time was so precious, but made up for it yesterday lazing by the pool in 40+ degrees, followed by dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Steak restaurant. It would have been nice to have just one more day to recharge but it was even nicer to come home to a welcoming party of 2 cats!

The kids were still at the beach with our/their friends so we popped to Java’s house to pick my girl, who was very very pleased to see me. It was not too much longer after our return home that the boys appeared looking like they’d been living on the streets for 3 days – & you know how I feel about sand. I still welcomed big squeezy hugs & kisses from grubby faces before I marched them off to decontaminate in the shower. They’d had a very fun packed time & were absolutely knackered. I must confess I’m a bit bushed myself after late nights of cocktails by the ‘lake’ at the Wynn & riding the high roller to see the bright lights of Vegas at 1am.

Sadly all good things have come to an end & life must now return to normal, I now have to try & put together lunches for camp tomorrow when I haven’t been shopping in over 2 weeks – it might have to be a tin of dog or cat food!!

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