Never again – & I mean it this time!

So after not the greatest start to the week & thinking that this weekend might not happen because I was ill again I am now stranded in the airport with hubby. I am beginning to think that we are just not meant to have a weekend away, just the two of us.

First of all the grandparents were supposed to be visiting. I won’t bore you with the details but unfortunately a health issue created a bit of drama & then amounted to nothing when they had already cancelled their flights. Hubby & I had just booked our first weekend away in like forever after the grandparents agreed to look after the kids & all the animals.

Then we had lots of offers from friends who were more than happy to help out, but it wasn’t possible for them the boys to go to one place for the entire 3nights/3days. Then there was the dog – who was actually the easy one, she could just go to Java’s house.

Finally, after a lot of admin, through the kindness of good friends who’s kids are at the same school as ours, we managed to work it out… YAY! So, yesterday we deposited everyone at there various lodgings (well hubby did because I was still out of sorts), packed our bags & went out for dinner with friends who are also currently enjoying some child free time thanks to grandparents. It was all very liberating being on are own time & not worrying about getting back for a sitter.

At 6.30 this morning the cab arrived & we were off. However, we are flying with Air Canada because we used points – this is always going to get your vacation off to bad start… And here we are, we not checking into the Wynn, Las Vegas like we should have been by now, nope. We are killing time in the premium lounge (which cost us $40 each) ‘enjoying’ cranberry juice that tasted of dish soap, 2 bite muffins & front row seats watching the chaos of the arrivals area. Apparently they have found another plane & have us scheduled for a 12pm flight, so watch this space…

I’ve said it before & this time I mean it, I am NEVER flying with Air Canada again.

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