I don’t do the…

Another exhausting summer day… at the beach!

For those of you who know me well this is my worst nightmare, I don’t do the beach. Why? Well largely the sand, it gets everywhere it shouldn’t & chaffs places it has no business chaffing. It gets in your ears & nose even when you just walk past it on the grass & don’t even so much as place a toe anywhere near it – & don’t even get me started on it invading your food. I can’t stand it.

Then there’s the ocean, a vast open expanse of water in which we are not welcome. I don’t do open water & the ocean even less. It has all sorts of nasty things that wrap themselves around you & cling on even when you exit the water in complete panic thinking that it’s trying to eat you alive – seaweed is the worst. I can’t stand it.

Why do I do it? I like to see my kids having fun doing the things that I have long since grown out of, because yes I liked the beach as a kid. As long as I have a decent camping chair that keeps most of me sand free then I’m good. The kids are just starting to want to really venture into the sea to swim, & they can do so in the lifeguard zone while I paddle my feet. Not so bad really.

I am now leaving my very tired glowing boys with a nanny so hubby & I can enjoy dinner out & the start of his 2 week vacation with some friends who are in town from Calgary.

I love patio weather!!

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