This is what it’s about…

It was just what I needed, a day of sunshine & pool fun.

In the New Year we welcomed new students to both my boys classes. The eldest (boy) joined my elder son in his Grade 4 class, & the younger (girl) joined my younger son in his Grade 1 class. Their mum & I hit off from day one & we’ve now become good friends, in fact, she is going to be a class parent with me in Grade 5. I learned recently, before school broke up for the summer, that they have a large backyard with a tennis court & swimming pool. As you can imagine my kids were all over this bugging me about when we were going. Pool mum promised them that when the weather really got hot they could spend all the time the wanted over there – I quickly advised her that they would now be packing their bags & moving in with her. We had a playdate arranged for last week but unfortunately the weather was cool & had been rainy in the morning. This week that all changed & we’re back to mid-hi twenties again. So this morning we all piled into the car – dog too because I can’t really leave her all day – & off we went. That was at 9.30…

At 5.30pm I returned with 2 extremely tired boys & a hungry dog! The boys went for showers while I unpacked wet gear & fed all the animals, hubby is on call so I knew he wouldn’t be home anytime soon & I really couldn’t be bothered to cook. We had munched on veggies, tortilla chips, dips, watermelon, popsicles, ice cream etc. all day & even the boys weren’t interested in a simple bowl of pasta. Instead, I resuscitated myself with a large cup of tea (because I was exhausted from all that sitting by the pool sunbathing) & I had a request for scrambled eggs from one & grilled cheese from the other. I kid you not they were both falling asleep in their food & it was only 6pm!

It had been the kind of summer day that kids dream of, splashing in the pool with their friends, water balloon fights, snacking & sun screening whenever they pasted the table, & later in the day two other of our school friends turned up to join in the fun too. Pool mum & I might have looked like it was a relaxing vacation, but we were constantly on guard, watching for Nerf guns being secretly taken up the side, telling them to walk on the poolside, reminding them that you only go down the slide when its clear at the bottom, you know the kind of perfect summer day that mum’s dream of.

When schools out for summer this is what it’s all about, happy tired kids = happy parents!

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