Pickled & Baking!

After the success of hubby’s work event I have been in a persistent lounging state baking in the garden.

10.00 – Dropped hubby of at Canada place for his conference.

10.30 – Java’s house via Whole Foods to buy flowers to say thank you.

11.30 – I finally leave Java’s house because I required a caffeine fix first.

12.00 – Home… lunch… a load of laundry inserted into the washing machine.

12.30 – Lounger

13.00 – Lounger

14.00 – Suddenly remember the laundry. Chopped watermelon.

15.00 – Lounger (ordering school uniforms from Marks & Spencer online).

16.00 – Watch the boys fill the trenches under the swing set with water & dive bomb it with their feet as they sail through at top speed on the swings.

16.30 – Forbid the boys to enter the house in their filthy state & make them strip at the back door, wrapped them in towels & packed them off to the shower (very pleased with themselves at how disgustingly dirty they were).

17.00 – After showering myself I contemplate some sort of dinner concoction from the event leftovers (all cooked by a very good chef so there is no way I’m allowing any of it to be wasted!)

17.30 – Pasta dish concoction in the oven & where the hell is hubby??

17.45 – Younger child is melting down because he went to bed so late at the sleepover & was awake early.

18.00 – Hubby arrives very apologetic, we eat dinner immediately & younger child almost falls asleep in his!

19.30 – Tired boys in bed, time to drink leftover wine!

20.00 – Order new bikinis online because I’m not going to have time to shop before we go away.

21.00 – Pour more wine & wonder how I’m not pickled by now!!

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