After waxing lyrical about the benefits of pilates I could hardly get out of bed this morning. The left side of my abs are agony & I know exactly which exercise my instructor had me doing to cause the pain. I wasn’t comfortable with any sort of twisting action before I started pilates again last year, now I’m not nearly as cautious as I used to be. Yesterday, on the reformer, I was sat on a box holding on strap in one hand with my arm out behind me. I then pulled the strap so it was in front, only twisting my rib cage. The other arm was also stretched out but not holding a strap. I remember the first couple were fine but the weight did feel a bit heavy. My instructor held my hips in position so I didn’t move them – the entire twist was done through my torso. The more I did, the heavier it began to feel but I was determined not to give in & say that.

I know I’m stupid, I still don’t listen to my body, too stubborn to speak out. Well now I’m suffering because of my stupidity. I’ve been taking painkillers all day without complete relief, & every move is done with extra care especially if it involves twisting. At least I’m out with the ‘Mom’s who need wine’ group tonight, & I’ve managed to thumb a ride from someone who is passing my way & doesn’t know how to get to where we are going – result!

Hopefully once I’ve downed a glass or two I will feel a bit better.

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