It’s finally come to this…

I’m going to have surgery in a last attempt to fix my poor knee.

When? I’m not sure, hopefully a cancellation will make it sooner rather then later, but the problem is I have to stop my biologic injections in preparation for surgery & I hate being without them for too long.

Why? Well they suppress my immune system, & surgery puts me at high risk of infection & not healing well. It will take a month or so for the drug to stop doing it’s job, then I’ll get stiff & sore.

What is she going to do to my knee? Good question, I’m not sure she knows until she gets in there – ‘give it a bit of a tidy up’ was mentioned, whatever that involves. I guess I have to be prepared to agree to whatever she thinks is necessary & trust her judgment.

Will it fix it? That is the six million dollar question. Keep your fingers crossed for me & hope that it does!

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