What a nerve…

Remember my issues with Telus?

Well, a knock at the door at 9.15 this morning…

‘Good morning, I’m from Telus & I’m here to install fibre optic cables so I’ll be in & out of your yard!’

I’m speechless…

‘I haven’t arranged to have any cables installed, I don’t use Telus & I don’t want to use them.’

‘You didn’t have somebody call at the house a couple of weeks ago explaining why we are installing them?’

‘Not to my knowledge.’

‘Oh, well I have a requisition here for this property.’

He repeats my address correctly…

‘Yes that’s correct but I have no idea who has agreed to this. We have no interest in switching to Telus, now or ever to be honest.’

‘Ok. Well, I’m sorry to bother you’

… & off he went.

I text hubby & have the mother of all rants about the nerve of these people. Who the hell do they think they are organizing fake requisitions so they can worm there way onto our property. I thought the popcorn trick was pretty low, but this has gone beyond low. The cheek of it!

10 minutes later…

Hubby texts back, he agreed to the installation because apparently, in the future, Shaw might possibly also use the cables.



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