Spending again…

Yes I’m still trying to spend the remainder of the class fund. So, today I purchased 45 milk chocolate smiley face lollipops from Purdy’s, & ordered 40 Cosmopolitan cupcakes from the Cupcake store for the end of year party. I’d arranged with the grade 4 homeroom teachers to pop in at lunchtime & deliver the goodies, however there was a gym class going on in the courtyard when I arrived – how was I going to make it to the junior school building with a gigantic purple Purdy’s bag without being mugged?

Actually, guess who the gym teacher was for that class? When I noticed this I was secretly hoping to be mugged! We exchanged no more than a ‘morning’, which was quite enough thank you, I still went a little pink (honestly it’s pathetic you would think I’d have grown out if this ridiculous crush by now!). Anyway, onward & upward to the 3rd floor where the corridor was teaming with students doing some serious end of year clean up. They took one look at me & my large bag & their eyes lit up.

Well aren’t I a popular girl now! It took all of about 30 seconds for every single smiley face to find a friend. In elder son’s class we had 2 left because of sickness so I left them with his lovely teacher for her two little ones at home. The other teacher, who is also very lovely, stood batting her eyelashes & smiling sweetly at me when she noticed I had an extra one, & declared she was ‘having a thin day’. Well, how could I refuse her?

I was only there for about 10 minutes & received as many hugs. If the kids ever get a say in whom should be their class parent, guess who would win with a landslide majority… because I bring chocolate!

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