Vomiting Veronica, Vitamix, Dyson fan, nuts & everything!

06.30 – Younger child vomiting so my day has gone to hell in a handcart before it’s even started!

07.00 – Hubby is on an admin day so offers to stay home to work, then I can run my errands.

07.45 – Mad panic because I think he’s taking elder child to school. I was stuck with ‘vomiting Veronica’ & didn’t realize elder child had not had breakfast already – we normally leave at 07.50!

08.00 – After heated words about crossed wires I’m off to school & hubby is left with ‘VV’.

09.00 – Laundry than walk the dog.

09.45 – Off to Costco to buy a Dyson fan so my in-laws don’t melt in our spare room.

10.45 – Exit Costco minus the fan, but replaced it with a Vitamix instead!! (In my defense it was an offer too good to miss before they crank the prices up because of the US dollar)

12.00 – Made an awesome smoothie- nuts & everything.

13.00 – ‘VV’ is returning to his former self & declaring imminent starvation if I don’t feed him.

13.30 – Make school uniform list for grandma to bring with her.

14.30 – Order Dyson fan online, 100 bucks cheaper than Costco – 2 bargains in one day!!

15.15 – Hubby picks up elder child & the teacher in the other grade 4 class asks him if he thought I would like to help her with a face painting station at Sports Day next week. Haven’t done it in years but hey why not!

15.30 – Dug out the face paints…

15.45 – Hubby & elder child return home to younger child sporting an angry bird on his forehead, Captain America shield on one cheek & a snake down the side of the other!

16.00 – I persuade elder child to allow me to practice a butterfly…

16.15 – Not bad, I think I might just manage to pull this off.

16.30 – After arranging to off-load my needy dog to Java’s residence for the day, I confirm with the teacher that it’s game on! My boys suggest I paint my face like Wonder Woman & go in fancy dress – I’m SO EXCITED!!!

19.30 – It’s now day 8… I could murder a glass of wine!

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