Bombed out!

It was even hotter today so by this afternoon we were melting. My boys wanted to play with the hosepipe, but after the amount of water they wasted yesterday at a friend’s BBQ I didn’t feel right about saying yes. Instead I opened up a pack of ‘Buncha Balloons’ I picked up in Costco for $20. We all know how tedious it is to fill & tie water bombs? Well some genius has invented a system in which you screw on about 20 ballons to your hosepipe. They all have tiny elastic bands ready to close them up once you’ve filled them. Just give a short sharp pull on the pipe once they are full & it release the thin tube used to deliver the water. The band closes the neck & ‘au voila’, twenty bombs in about 20 seconds – it’s awesome.

At first I watched the boys have a rather amusing showdown, all the time thinking how much fun it looked. I was being a bit mean saying they could only have one round, but then hubby (who is on call this weekend) arrived home…

In no time at all we were all battling it out. First, myself & elder child Vs. hubby & younger child. The boys wanted to video it & I thought I was, but as usual I had hit the wrong button. Of course this called for a re-match, this time parents against kids. It was so much fun, & I’ve got to tell you those bombs can really hurt if they are thrown well & at some speed. Both boys seemed to know just how to throw them accurately enough to cause instant pain. The rule was that between each battle we had to pick up the debris from the last one, which was not so much fun. However, although we all seemed to pick up copious amounts of fluorescent rubber I think I’ll be picking it up for weeks.

Hubby as since asked if I can get Costco to deliver a case of them – oh yes I’ll just drop 100 bucks on water balloons & we’ll eat bread a water for the rest of the month while we battle it out!

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