Day 1…

… after a visit to the walk-in clinic today I have finally ended up on antibiotics. I won’t bore you with the details but needless to say I’m not surprised, it’s been one thing after another for some time now. In itself it’s not a big deal, really an extra couple of pills in my tablet box aren’t that noticeable. However, these particular pills come with a price…


Not only that, the course is 7 days. I wouldn’t have been able to start them today if I’d had a drink last night (honest), and then I have to continue being t-total for 2 days AFTER the course is finished. Now some of you might think what harm can be done by having a little glass of wine. Well believe me I’ve had these bad boys before & I can promise you it is not worth it. Yes, even a nurse who should know better decided to go against the pharmacist advice one upon a time, & geez did I feel sick! That caution label is there for a reason.

So although I say day 1, it is really day 2 & psychologically I’m already withdrawing. It’s all I can think about now that all the hockey siblings have left & the kids are in bed… I NEED WINE!!!

If anyone wants me I’ll be in my blanket fort colouring…

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