While hubby’s away…

After a productive week with hubby on stay-cation we have done something I’ve been threatening to do for a while, only without his help just the boys & I – lift the carpet up in younger child’s room. Why & how the hell is what you are thinking, but I see my surgeon again on Friday & I want show her how bad I am if I just get on & do what I normally do in life. Now it’s fair to say I don’t lift bedroom carpets up every week, but if it wasn’t a bedroom carpet it would have been something else, & as my physio has always said, I was given boys for a reason. So, after discovering a little while ago that there was perfectly good wooden flooring underneath, younger child too was desperate for the ‘swamp’ coloured carpet (his description not mine) to go. Hubby was not raving about the idea (thinking of the noise more than anything), so while he was off on an epic bike ride with a friend we began decontaminating…

The wooden flooring underneath was a nice surprise when we found it, but I don’t think I was quite prepared for what else my younger child had been rolling around on for the past 4 years. Remembering that we bought the property from an 80 year old lady who’d lived there for 60 years, it is no surprise that as we’ve been working our way around the house we’ve found some interesting interior design choices. Wallpaper on the ceiling is one, but then there is wallpaper on top of wallpaper, on top of wallpaper in another room. She obviously had a thing about not removing what was there previously because when we lifted enough carpet away from the floor we found it had been fitted over another carpet. If the swamp carpet wasn’t bad enough in terms of stains & dirt, you don’t even want to know what the one underneath looked like, not to mention the offensive odour the escaped when enough of it was exposed. Why would someone do that? I can’t understand why you wouldn’t lift the old one when it is in such poor shape, and then to just put something else on top for it to fester for another few years. It was gross!!

Although hubby returned not best pleased we had taken matters into our own hands, I think he was reasonably impressed with the quality on the flooring we’d exposed – even if it does sound like we’re in a bowling alley when they play marbles, but also removing a large health hazard had to earn me Brownie points too. Of course initially elder child was adamant that his carpet was staying, but of course now he’s seen how much nicer younger brother’s room looks without his cesspit he’s now seriously considering the option. Unfortunately his Ikea furniture is significantly heavier & his room a lot smaller, I now have to somehow convince hubby to help us & who knows what treasures await us under there…

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