Around the dinner table…

This evening we ended up discussing what we would name an extra day of the week if we could have one. We all agreed that we would likely want that day to be part of the weekend because it’s too short, maybe in-between Saturday & Sunday. I named this ‘Nutherday’, as in another day. As the conversation developed, & remember this is with a 9&7 year old, we decided that you might not always want that extra day in the weekend. Some people might need it in the middle of the week, or on a Tuesday to make an extra long weekend, or a Friday.

Now of course if we all want a ‘Nutherday’ on different days of the week, & not every week of course we would only be allowed so many a year, that’s going to completely screw up the calendar etc. So, these ‘Nutherday’s’ need to be enjoyed along side the real days, in a sort of parallel universe. That way everything carries on in your absence, but your not really absent because you would slot right back into life exactly where you left off, you’ve just had a little mental holiday to recharge or catch up on something.

With me so far?

Anyway, hubby then announced, & thank god we were all finished eating at this point, that he would name them ‘Pudays’, Parallel Universe days – only he pronounced it ‘Pooday’. Well as you can imagine the entire dinner table were in tears & suffering severe bellyache. I think we all laughed for a good 5 minutes. Then laughed at each other, laughing.

So now if you hear me declare that I need a ‘Puday’ it has nothing to do with what you might think. I simply just need an extra day in the week to either catch up with myself, or just take some time out to recharge my batteries, you know like a duvet day without having to lie to the boss!

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