Just getting the job done!

Part of my job as a class parent for elder child’s year is communication. At the start of the year we all get a class list that includes email addresses & other contact details. We are required to keep this information confidential unless we are asked for it by a parent who maybe wants to send out birthday invites for example. Then we are selective about what information we pass on, & we do have some parents who wish to remain excluded from any sharing & that is respected. There are 2 classes in each year & 2 parents to each class. Many choose to only work with their partner, but this year we chose to work as a foursome. Most of the kids who are now in grade 4 have been together since kindergarten, & some since preschool, which in turn means many of the families have known each for that long too. It made sense to all of us to keep everything the same for both classes. Until recently this worked very well…

It is around this time of year, as the final term enters its last few weeks, that the coordinators ask if we would like to continue our roles. A lot of people do, some find that after a year it’s not for them, some have done it for several years & want to move onto something else within the school. It was my first year & I’m keen to continue for either of the boy’s grades. I get on very well with one of the parents (remember Java the mutt? Well her mum), her eldest child is about to enter the senior school so she knows the school well. The other two have been not really been very dynamic from the start of the year, in fact one of the mum’s wanted to give it up but when she saw whom she would be working with she changed her mind (which I take that as a compliment), however she is giving it up at then end of this school year. Let’s just say that now the year is coming to a close she seems to think that we’re done (& don’t even get me started on the other one!). Well we’re not quite there yet, there are still some decisions to be made about teacher gifts, then they will need to be purchased, & the end of year party to coordinate (invites, replies, final numbers etc.). I am the treasurer & in-house card maker & crafter. Doesn’t sound like much but if I listed all the things that I have done this year as a class parent alone I think you would agree I’ve done more than my share. Today I finally gave into those now not pulling their weight & just got on with it…

At the start of the year it was agreed that the others would send out email communication to the parents. Although I have class lists I stupidly didn’t put group emails together because to be honest I had no clue how to, & I didn’t think I would need them – what was I thinking? So, today, when I decided to just take matters into my own hands because I don’t want a breakdown in communication between us & the parents, even if there is one among us, I got hubby to help me sort out my contacts & put groups together. While doing the time consuming & boring task he decided it was time my contacts had a spring clean. I think he was wishing he’d never started. You see I have a habit of just writing in people’s first names, & when I go looking for them I know exactly who’s who. Honestly, the eye rolling & sighing, along with the muttering under his breath was ridiculous. Ok, so there were two Sally’s, I know who they are & which one is which, why does he have to come along & change everything?

To be fair to him, he had better things to do than sort out my computing incompetence, but bless him he did. Before leaving to do school pick up I was able to send a group email to every parent in the year inviting them & their family to our end of year bowling party with just a couple of clicks of a button. Although this wasn’t my job to do, I feel happier now that I have the option to pick up the pieces of other people’s laziness, & know that I am doing my share (& more) of the work.

I think I deserve a glass of wine & some chocolate now don’t you?

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