Lunch with lumberjacks!

Whenever hubby has a stay-cation we always make sure we go for lunch one day, especially if the boys are in school. This week that day was today. Although the wasn’t cold, it was hazy & cooler than recent days so we decided not to head down to one of our favourite spots on the water front. We hadn’t been to 4th Avenue in a while, a trendy part of town that’s almost at the water front, so we made for there & strolled into a sports bar that we’ve been to many times. It turned out they had changed their menu & gone more ‘country’ both in style, music & what they screen. I have no problem with this, I love country music & cowboy food, however, when our romantic lunch for two was taken over by lumberjacks, it was‘nt so funny… or was it?

After discussing a few things regarding plans for the rest of the week, summer camps & vacations over a cheeky glass of something pink, our food arrived. While happily munching away we both find ourselves glued to the large flat screens that are visible from every angle. You will never believe what we were watching, the most bizarre competition I have ever witnessed in my entire life. Now, when I mention the word lumberjack us girls have an instant mental image of what he should look like. Well I have news for you ladies, over 6ft of solid muscle with 5‘o’clock shadow in a checked shirt & tight fitting jeans is far from reality. Not only that, he doesn’t bravely climb trees & shout ‘timber’ in his sexy deep voice. Oh no, what I witnessed today has completely shattered all my illusions, & to crush me even more some of the competitors were women – well at least that what they said they were, it was difficult to tell.

The first task in the competition was some sort of under arm axe chopping. They stood on top of a large section of a log that had been stripped of bark & then hacked away at it until it fell in two. There was obviously a recognized technique they used because each log was marked out with a ‘V’. They went from side to side with their axe chopping the living daylights out of this thing – while continuing to stand on top. Now what concerned me the most was not that they were on top of something that at some point was going to collapse. No, it was the fact they were doing this in runners with no protection for their feet whatsoever. How many toes had they lost before finally mastering the art of always hitting the wood? It only took the fastest man 33 seconds to eventually hack his log in two. This individual might have been fast & you would expect him to at least manage to flex a little bit of bicep wouldn’t you? Nope! The only thing that seemed to flex with any impressive regularity was his beer gut, & let’s not even get into how ‘attractive’ the rest of him was.

Moving onto a more traditional way of log chopping, with a saw. Once again both men, & apparently women, competed, but this time against each other. To be fair some of the women did actually have very toned backs that clearly worked out regularly, sadly that image of mine did not ring true for the male section, more beer guts, wobbly bits, & one guy was 60 if he was a day!

All in all it might not have made for the romantic luncheon we set out to enjoy, but it was rather entertaining even if it was a bit sad that we sat & watched such tripe at 1 in the afternoon. We strolled back out into the now sunny weather with time to kill & although walking is not good for me right now I suggested a little wander down the street (hubby is not stupid, 2 of my favourite shops were a block away). I manage to steer him in the direction of Miz Mooz (Probably my favourite shoe shop in the whole world along with John Fluevog). I exit the store twenty minutes later with one more bag than I went in with. I ask him if he would like to go to Lululemon (then it’s his fault we are in there not mine you see – cunning!), again we each exit the store 40 minutes later with one more bag than we went in with.

All in all I would say a very successful date wouldn’t you?

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