You won’t believe it but…

… I am sick again!

Truth be known I don’t think a really threw off that last throaty thing, so once again I’m swallowing razor blades. It was so bad during the night that I actually went to see my GP today. He wasn’t convinced I needed antibiotics but swabbed me anyway & gave me a prescription to fill if it comes back positive. So it’s been soft food & water for me while poor hubby spends the first day of his vacation not only looking after me but…

Younger child came home looking very peaky, said he had a headache & felt sick, then promptly threw up! Poor thing then curled up on the sofa & fell asleep for an hour. Meanwhile hubby goes back to school to pick up elder child from track & field, who of course is starving. When he finds out that there was only he & his dad for dinner he suggested they should go out – in his dreams! I do manange to cook something for them & younger child thinks he feels better, has one bite of toast & makes for the bathroom again – JOY!! He was then tucked up in bed with a vomit bowl & a cat to look after him (Whenever anybody is ill Pepper seems to understand this & doesn’t leave their side).

However, in other news… I’ve finished my camper van & it’s sooooo cool!

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