The great escape…

We get quite a lot of hummingbirds in our garden, & even more so since we starting hanging a feeder outside the kitchen window. We still get excited when we’re sat at the island & all of a sudden one appears for a drink. I have now taken that one step further by nesting more feeders among hanging baskets. The birds will hopefully be more attracted to the flowers & the food now readily available. Although I’ve had the baskets & feeders for a couple of weeks we didn’t get around to hanging them until today. While I was mixing the nectar & hubby was attaching the brackets a hummingbird flew into the porch area outside our kitchen door…

Hubby popped his head into the kitchen & asked me to take a look at it because he was concerned it couldn’t work out why it couldn’t get out through the skylight. Sadly it quickly appeared to be panicking & didn’t know that flying down instead of up would lead to freedom. I called the boys to come & see it – elder child loves these birds – we all watched both mesmerized & worried. We talked about catching it in a net (which we don’t have) but conscious that we might damage it’s wings. The speed with which it was now moving back & forth under the glass was quite phenomenal, I then had a bright idea…

I sent elder child down to the laundry room to get one of our collapsible mesh laundry hampers. Hubby stood on the top of the ladder & held it open. The bird was still too quick for him but with patience & perseverance he eventually cornered it. After sitting on the top for a few seconds, it then moved towards the opening before falling inside. He then quickly opened the basket up into the out as it happily flew away among cheers of delight from the spectators (both of us, younger child got bored!). Hubby then did a brave little ladder top dance & everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Our good deed for the day & I caught it all on video!!

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