Do you ever find that…

… you don’t know what you’re looking for until you’ve found it?

Well today I found it. Since my craft room was completed in March I’ve been trying to decide what to have at the window. I don’t want drapes because they won’t fit with the room, & they will be awkward to open & close behind my big table. Blinds seem the obvious choice but the way in which the window frame is configured leaves very little to attach anything to. It is a quite a big window & at first I thought roman blind, but that would require a fairly industrial fitting for it to work properly – & as yet I have never made one. I was sure that any decent custom-made blind company would have a solution, but that’s going to cost me an arm & a leg.

In the end my BFF & I set off in search of fabric, first trying our go to place that has never disappointed yet. She was also looking for fabric for a couple of projects. We spent nearly an hour wondering around an extensive selection of patterns, colours & types but neither of us really found anything. I came away with a small amount stuff to attempt to make a small Roman blind for my boys bathroom. At some point we might have mentioned that we should go to our go-to-store for most things, but on that day decided to head to the shopping mall instead!

Then, today, we pop the roof down & enjoy the sunshine while we drove out to a place east of Vancouver. It was the first place I ever bought fabric from & continued to do so for sometime, again it always had lots of choice & was well priced. However, today we discovered that they were obviously doing very well for themselves & had gone a bit up market…

First of all we walked in to find the store was a fraction of the size it used to be & there wasn’t a roll of fabric in sight. I questioned this with the smart business suit sat behind the desk , & she informs us that you now order from the samples – we should have left then, it just screamed out expensive! So we looked anyway, but nothing had prices on them – again we knew what that meant but did it stop us? Nope, we just carried on pawing through all the beautiful fabrics until finally some decisions were made & it was time to enquire about pricing. A large book was then thumbed through to find the code of my fabric, & it turned out it was sold by the yard – which always irritates me. BFF & I work out how much I might need while the business suit thumbed through her bible of codes & announcing what a beautiful fabric I’d chosen…

Oh it was beautiful alright, $70 a yard of beautiful! I was hoping to dress a whole window for less than that. After some sideways glances & an enormous amount of tongue biting we made a sharp exit. There was no way in a million years I’m draping $300 worth of sheer fabric up at my bathroom window – this is meant to be a temporary measure until we renovate it, that price is almost a renovation in itself.

We sat back in the car with the sun beating down on us & took one look at each other knowing we were both thinking the same thing… Ikea. It’s our go place for everything basic & functional at a good price. Half an hour later we had found drapes & fabric for both our projects, & for an added bonus, a blind system that will work in my craft room. It was exactly what I didn’t know I’d been looking for. It fitted both mine & hubby’s criteria without compromising on style or function – in fact it is probably better than just an ordinary blind system. Win, win for all.

Will we learn from this & just go there first next time?

Hell no, we might miss out on something elsewhere!!

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