Happy Mother’s Day!

To all my fellow Canadian mums or moms, you are awesome no matter how it’s pronounced!

I hope your day has been as lovely as mine, & you were spoilt & pampered by your offspring.

My boys were queuing at the bedroom door at 8am very excited to present me with a large bucket of tea & gifts.

First came the very personal hand made gifts from school that are always special. Elder child had written a poem that he wrote out on card & help up in a photograph of himself. The words were lovely & the photo was a particularly good one of him. I will proudly hang it in my craft room. Younger child had made a large card with many kind things written inside about my cooking & crafting. That was accompanied by a tin can (that I saw him helping himself to from the recycling last week) he’d cover in pieces of coloured paper & glazed. It has made the perfect pencil pot for my grown up colouring pencils. Then there was the special mysterious gift they all disappeared off to purchase last weekend…

It was quite a big box that made an odd rattling sound when I moved it slightly. Wrapped in bright green foil paper with a teal coloured bow it was already perfect (some of my most favourite colours). I’m one of those people that likes to take their time opening gifts – I’m not a ripper! I opened the ends carefully, occasionally glancing at the boy’s faces; the look of excitement & anticipation was all part of the joy for me. When I finally opened the paper to reveal their thoughtful gift I saw why they where so eager to have me open it…

LEGO!!! Finally, I have the VW camper van. I can build it all on my own, & nobody can say ‘no mum you can’t help, it is mine’, it’s exactly the opposite – IT’S MINE… ALL MINE!!! I haven’t started it yet but now they are in bed the night is young.

They then made me breakfast – eggs & toast. We iChatted to the grandparents, then hubby walked the dog with younger child while I pottered in my craft room (my leg is really bothering me today or I would have loved a family walk in the forest). It was then out for an early dinner at one of my favourite restaurants downtown, we were even lucky enough to get a patio seat (Joe Fortes has one of the best, if not thee best, patios in Vancouver & are super kid friendly). We all enjoyed a beautiful meal & enormous desserts, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

I’m really one very lucky mum!!


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