Feeling hot hot hot!!!

08.15 – Nearly 20 degrees, how fab is that?

09.30 – Home, drop dog, say hi to my lovely cleaner then back to Costco because we decided over the weekend that we don’t have enough hanging baskets!

11.00 – When I get back in the car I check the receipt because I’m sure they should have charged me more than that. Sure enough I had put a hanging basket in an extra large pot so I could fit it all on the flatbed & they hadn’t zapped the pot – 30 bucks of plant pot free… Result!!

12.00 – It’s a scorcher & I’m planting… planting… planting…

13.30 – Time for a little R&R on a lounger after all my hard work (& my knee is telling me to stop).

14.30 – Guitar practice on the patio – aces!

15.15 – Frantic phone call from elder child – he’s run out of food again & is panicking because he’s hungry & has track & field. I leave early with extra food…

15.30 – Pharmacy pickup & straight to the track.

15.45 – God bless the convertible, I pull up along side a very pink elder child & chuck him a cereal bar!

16.00 – Pick up younger child & bask in the playground for half an hour while we wait for elder child.

17.30 – Dinner on our sunny patio.

19.30 – Boys in bed, BFF arrives, may crafting commence!

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