Another exhausting Sunday of sun!

08.30 – Yay a sleep in!

10.00 – Hubby & the boys mysteriously disappear off & I request more bags of compost while they are out (Mother’s day next weekend so this is looking quite promising).

12.00 – I’m planting…

12.30 – They return & the boys want to play with the hose pipe – so I regrettably give them the Nerf water guns I had hidden away for the summer – instant hit I am the best mum in the world. However the dog hates me because there is a Nerf war breaking out on her territory & I started it!

13.00 – I’m lifting & moving things that I shouldn’t be (but then I am secretly Wonder Woman!), but it is patio weather & I need to be able to sit out at every opportunity.

14.30 – Urgent shower required as hubby invited his fellow & her family around (Two boys the same age so win win for my boys & grown up time a done deal). They are due at any time & I am filthy.

15.30 – Guests arrive, boys get on instantly but there are not enough Nerf guns – guess what I’ll be buying next week in Costco? The dog is now barking at the new recruits because it has now escalated to world war 3.

17.00 – After I disappear off for an unpleasant date with my physio, wine & painkillers make it all all right when I get back (You do know they work better if you take them with wine?). Now I can join the party properly despite the fact my neck & shoulders are on fire.

18.00 – Gotta love a BBQ & outdoor eating on May 1st.

19.30 РWe finally manage to separate all the boys after a fun afternoon suddenly  remembering that is still school tomorrow.

20.30 – Finishing the wine because it would be a shame to waste it!

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