True blonde again!

08.00 – After an early drop off at school on another glorious morning, Tess & I are already walking. I have been really suffering with my knee again over the last 24 hours, but I still decide to do the longer loop. Why not? I have the time & I know tomorrow morning there will probably not be a walk in the park but that’s a different story.

09.15 – A strum on my guitar before I pack it for the afternoon lesson. I’m not getting these bar chords at all. I think about changing the beds but then get distracted with reorganizing the tea & coffee cupboard – oh well, it’s the thought that counts, I’ll do them tomorrow.

10.45 – Off to Pilates to be stretched & bent.

12.15 – Straight from my class to the downtown Costco (I hate the downtown Costco. Many hate the Richmond Costco I normally go to, but I hate the downtown one). I meet up with a school mum who’s becoming quite a good friend (She organized the winter gala a couple of years ago so I’ll call her ‘gala mum’). Together we are organizing breakfast for the teachers & staff at school tomorrow for their ‘appreciation day’.

12.50 – I wish my Costco shops could be this quick & focused – & cheap!!

13.15 – After unloading I have an hour to eat & do some housey stuff before my guitar lesson, so I play two rounds of patience.

14.30 – I know I have turned very blonde again but it is no excuse for reading the chord sheet upside down – no wonder I found it so difficult. In my defense I was quite sick during last weeks lesson so I couldn’t remember most of what we did. My teacher patiently corrected my fingers while biting his tongue & now it actually sounds the way it should. He probably banged his head against the wall after I left.

15.10 – Quick extraction from school, but was stopped a gazillion times by hair admirers.

16.10 – After the boys lessons I have to do a quick Loblaws run to buy gluten free breakfast stuff.

17.30 – Once dinner is finished hubby pops out to check the Odyssey’s tire & blow it up so I can at least use it in the morning. Inflating it worked & the light went off – phew! He then kindly packs up the car with all the baked goodies while I start to prepare the fruit platters.

19.00 – Boys in bed early because I have to drag them into school at 7.15 to serve breakfast. I put the last of the platters in the car so I save time in the morning. Gala mum & I exchange texts with the final arrangements for the morning, I then collapse in a heap. I’m writing the final chapter of the book I started a little while ago & I’m determined to finish it tonight. No I WILL finish it tonight.


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