Life must still go on…

04.00 – I would just like to sleep all night.

06.15 – Hubby’s alarm goes off & my head is pounding into my ears & someone has taken a cheese grater to my throat. How much longer is this going to last?

06.30 – A failed attempt to get up. I took painkillers & a throat pastille then lay back down again.

06.40 – Hubby brings me tea (he is on call & is off to work – of course). He is about to text a friend to see if they can take elder child to his Track & Field event but I stop him because I know that their events are not until the afternoon. It’s down to me.

06.50 – I successfully get up this time & have a shower. It will be a bad hair day & I don’t care. The weather looks cold & damp so I put on layers.

08.10 – We leave, I feel better but not great, & have had a small amount of breakfast.

08.35 – We arrive at the track. A different group of teachers & parents are at the tent already.

09.00 – 11.45 – Elder child competes in the high jump, shot put (which he came 5th overall in last year), & 60 & 100m sprint. He’s like me & not built for land but I am really proud of him for taking part, especially in events he hasn’t practiced much. However, our summer like weather did not take part & I can’t even begin to describe how cold I was for the entire time. I even shoehorned myself into elder child’s jacket & wore younger child’s like a super hero cape – anything to keep warm. At some point I decided to get a hot chocolate even though my throat would’nt like it. I get to the concession just as they ran out & were waiting for their urn to heat up – only about 20 minutes apparently – ONLY!!!

Younger child & I then retreat into the next building to use the washrooms & what do they have in the lobby… a hot drinks machine! I almost hugged it, & then spent the next 5 minutes trying to put change into it with white fingers (& yes I had gloves on). It was terrible but it was hot & wet!!

12.30 – Home to my poor dog who is not used to being left alone so much. I dosed myself up again as everything was pounding & aching again. The boys then chilled out in front of a movie while I had a hot bath. Crazy I know but I needed to defrost.

14.00 – Warmer & more comfortable I introduced the boys to Mr Bean (movie’s were the only thing any of us were up for).

16.00 – After feeding the animals the boys went out to shoot some baskets & I promptly fell asleep on the sofa. At some point hubby texted to say he just had a quick appendix to do then would hopefully be home in time for pizza (when I am sick a kitchen strike is inevitable).

17.30 – I wake up, the boys are in their rooms playing, my head is pounding again & there is a cat asleep on my bladder!

17.50 – Hubby’s ‘quick appendix’ was just finishing. I sort out pizza – which I can’t eat but don’t want anything anyway – the boys end up eating without daddy because he’s just leaving to walk home & they were too starving to wait.

19.00 – We all sit together to watch another movie – Inside Out – because I had promised we would do this but that was before hubby was late finishing, but we do it anyway.

21.00 – I’m done & my bed is calling… be gone with you nasty evil virus.


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