It finally got me too!

06.15 – Someone has force fed me razor blades during the night & they are all stuck in my throat.

06.35 – A very worried hubby brings me Tylenol & leaves for work as I crawl out of bed. Choir starts in less then an hour.

07.30 – We make it to school, I don’t know how, but we do. Younger child & I sit in the parking lot while he does the reading he didn’t have time to do last night because of hockey.

07.50 – I drag my sorry self into school. We enter the lobby where the principal is promoting his retirement golf tournament by setting up a putting green outside the library. He is giving away house points for any child who can nail a hole in one (I learned later that elder child did in fact nail it). We fight our way through the crowd of budding Tiger Woods (not a great example for kids but I have no interest in golf because I’m still sexually active!) & make our way up to his floor. I deposit him in teacher mum’s classroom. She kindly offers to help out with dropping the kids off if I can’t get back to school. This would normally be great but elder child has a Dr’s appointment at 3.30.

08.00 – I quickly exit the building hopefully taking my virus with me.

08.15 – I make it home, call physio to cancel my afternoon appointment, remove the hat that was hiding very bad hair, take a glass of water to the sofa & crash.

09.15 – Knock on the door, I guess correctly that it is the lawn guys & make the decision not to answer as the dog is already in the house going bananas (this is why they knock for fear of my giant teddy bear of a dog licking them to death).

10.30 – I wake up & notice a text from hubby checking in on me about an hour earlier. After answering I take more Tylenol & decide to watch some tv & promptly fall asleep again half way through the episode.

12.00 – I risk eating a banana & a yoghurt because they are soft (I did consider blending them but actually couldn’t be bothered). I watch the end of the episode I slept through & the beginning of the next… falling asleep halfway that one.

14.00 – I check in with hubby hoping he can finish early to do the pick up otherwise I need to sort myself & that could take some time. Thankfully the outside world has been spared of my germs & my unkempt look.

15.00 – A quick concerned kiss from hubby as he drops his cycling bag & grabs the car keys.

16.00 – I am still festering on the sofa but manage to drag my sorry backside off it when everyone arrives home. I actually felt better for moving around but everything is achy.

17.30 – Hubby walks the dog with elder child to his field hockey practice, while younger child goes through the crate of next doors junk. He is excited to find a really cool 3D book on dinosaurs & 2 old soccer books. These were on the top, she very sneakily put a whole load of finance & stock exchange books underneath – surprisingly he was less impressed with these.

18.00 – I have been festering long enough so I go for a bath. Younger child is now making a paper computer for a school project.

19.00 – Elder child returns with his tapeworm having already had dinner before practice & his coach gave them all ice cream lollipops during practice. He has toast while reciting his debate speech for tomorrow & discussing how he should project his voice for the play on Friday morning – which I will go & see germs or no germs, just try & stop me!

20.00 – I think I might eat ice cream because I need something cold & comforting for my poor throat.

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