Another tiring Tuesday

08.00 – Another beautiful July day ahead of us – in the middle of April – LOVE IT! I even wore shorts to walk the dog.

09.15 – The upstairs of the house is like a sauna & there are melted cats all over the beds.

10.15 – Beds changed, a load of laundry in & time for a last attempt at rescuing the polo shirt that STILL has ‘washable’ paint on it from school. Rubber gloves up to my armpits & and industrial apron so I can scrub it with Clorox.

10.30 – Nothing is happening, the paint is still very visible so I pour some into a spray bottle & soak it. While stood at the sink I see that my neighbor is in so I leave the shirt to soak again & pop next door to deliver a wedding card I have made for her daughter. The dog comes too because she is good friends with their dog (their dog is male & probably the reason why my dog lifts her leg to pee!).

10.45 – I am still there receiving a blow-by-blow account of the work required in their basement post flood. She offers me coffee but I decline suddenly remembering the shirt that has probably now got a large hole bleached into it.

10.55 – I finally rescue the shirt only to find that the paint has still not budged. I place in the machine anyway with a bunch of other school shirts that are (supposed to be) white. Place more Clorox in the dispenser & set it on a super power wash that takes over 2 hours.

11.15 – I set to & clean all the BBQ grills. This should become an Olympic sport; I did a month’s worth of workouts by scrubbing those things.

13.00 – Guitar practice because it means sitting down & my knee is sore, & I knew if I sat in a normal seat I would fall asleep.

13.45 – The washer is finished & the moment of truth… They should make nail varnish out of that paint because nothing will destroy it! I declare the shirt a lost cause only to worn in an emergency. All the other shirts are pristine of course so at least it worked on something. I then put the washer through a clean cycle because I hate bleach & it’s always been very unkind to me or anything of mine it comes into contact with.

13.55 – It is baking on the patio & all our furniture is still buried under a tarp with a large roof box on top (hubby forgot that he’d put it there when we renovated & now doesn’t know where it is going to go – so it’s still sat there!). I managed to rescue a lounger to grab a short burst of vitamin D before school pickup & the madness of field hockey.

14.30 – I wake up suddenly when the dog barks at my neighbour who is coming over to offload some of her junk onto my kids! Looking at the time I suddenly remember I was supposed to leave early to pick up a new mouth guard (the store is in completely the opposite direction to school). After hauling the dog in & I was out the door within 5 minutes – still wearing BBQ scrubbing shorts etc. but no time to change – I successfully make it to the store & back to school just as the kids come out.

16.30 – We are getting ready to leave the house to go back to school after homework, dinner, changing into hockey gear & a Nerf gun fight, when teacher mum’s son discovers he doesn’t have his runners. I text her as we leave because he will have some at school he can use. We get in the car & my younger child doesn’t have his water bottle. So, back into the house, grab the water bottle – we are now 10 minutes late in leaving.

17.45 – What can be less than a 10 minute ride is taking twice as long because there are other people on the road getting in my way!

17.55 – We screech into the parking lot under school to ‘We will rock you’ where they are waiting for us. The boys get out & the other two get in, teacher mum’s daughter is beside herself to finally have a ride in a convertible & thinks it’s really cool to wave to her mum by just sticking her arm up in the air!

19.15 – By the time the hockey players arrive home, we have had dinner, sorted out the laundry & started making Mother’s day card’s – it is so nice to have girl in my craft room, they listen to instructions & are excited about matching cardstock & ink.

20.30 – I have given into the great god of wine & accepted a glass – but just the one ok.

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