Monster shop Monday!

06.20 – Boot camp started early because the boy’s rooms are very messy & my lovely cleaner comes on a Monday, & it is not her job to pick up after them!

08.15 – We are having July weather in the middle of April so it was a gorgeous morning for a walk in the park. Somehow, despite it being very dry, Tess still managed to end the walk filthy.

09.30 – Home for a quick change, say hi to my cleaner, make a hair appointment for something new & funky (hopefully), then out to do the grocery shopping. On the way I have to replace the gym kit that elder child has lost, replace the mouth guard that younger child has lost, post our friends jacket back to him in Calgary, & get gas (gas was first or I wouldn’t have made it to the other things).

12.30 – A monster shop that included new patio throw cushions – buy one for $12 & get a second for $1 – Bargain so I bought 8!! On the way home elder child calls me to say his drama club is going to be finishing at 5.30pm because of a dress rehearsal. This is a problem (although I don’t tell him that of course) because younger child finishes at 4pm.

13.00 – Home to the bit I hate, the putting away bit.

14.00 – It was scorching out there so I set too & cleaned the BBQ. Now it will be s shame to use it because it’s so shiny & clean.

15.30 – I am getting ready to leave for school when I receive another call from elder child – He’s eaten everything & is starving, can I take him some food (I swear he has a tapeworm). I was taking food anyway knowing that he would waste away before dinner.

16.00 – Roof down, new hat on & Ed Sheeran! I drop off food in the middle of rehearsal & pick up younger child form the lobby who I allow to have a quick play for 5 minutes in the playground before home (see I can be a nice mum sometimes).

17.00 – I’ve just put dinner in the oven when elder child calls – they are finished. Now this is very inconvenient everything was planned around a 5.30 pick up (I wasn’t so nice at this point but it wasn’t really his fault). I text hubby who is on his way home & offers to pick him up.

18.30 – I am on my way to the spare room to do some stretching when I come across younger child outside his bedroom door, on the landing, pointing his Nerf gun at something at the far end. I peek round to see & to my horror he’s about to shoot Shaun the Sheep. I ask him what on earth he thinks he’s doing… ‘Lamb blasting’ he very matter of factly answers, as if this is some age old traditional sport that I should know about. Needless to say I was speechless but couldn’t help laughing, especially when he fired his gun & hit poor Shaun right between the eyes!

18.45 – While elder child & I do some Pilates I get a text from my BFF, she’s fallen asleep on the couch so will be late coming over. I am all confused at this point because I think we are getting together on Thursday. She’s in no fit state to come over anyway having just woken up so we abandon the plans & will definitely get together next Monday – I remembered eventually why she can’t do Thursday’s.

19.30 – Boys in bed & hubby is out. I am determined not to drink wine & so far my cranberry soda is no substitute but a good alternative.


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