Manic Monday!

07.40 – Boot camp was brutal this morning, both kids had that Monday morning feeling which made us late leaving.

07.55 – I’m supposed to be at the donation table, all set up, at 8am. Thankfully my office boy had already beaten me to it. Today we introduced another one of our gigantic toxic critters – an ugly green toad!

08.30 – After a sociable start to the day we carry the toxic toad down the street (well I just followed a safe distance behind), I even managed to get the principal to carry a couple of bags – well he was going that way so I made use of him.

08.50 – I sorted out that mornings prize donations so as to keep on top of it.

09.15 – Quick walk around the block with the dog, my cleaner arrives as I’m leaving (love that because I don’t have to carry keys then).

09.35 – I jump in the car to make an overdue trip to Costco. Pull into a sweet spot right outside the entrance & get some very put out looks from a couple of people. I don’t like my disabled label but there are some situations in which I need it, & not pushing a very heavy shopping cart to the other side of the parking lot is the main one. I saw those people again in store, not so quick to judge when they saw me struggling to push the cart, wearing a leg brace.

Once I had finished my shopping I join the extra long line up, then realized I had forgotten something in the isle next to me. I scoot off down there & appear at the other end – tiny line ups ahead of me, & all those people were still queuing at the other side & hadn’t moved. Oh well, I have better things to do than stand around at a check out so I just went ahead.

11.00 – I HATE putting everything away.

13.30 – Finally finished putting everything away. I have an hour before I have to leave for school again, just enough time to grab something to eat & practice my guitar. I deserve a sticker, played The Eagles ‘Peaceful Easy feeling’ almost all the way through for the first time – it’s only taken about 2 months of practicing.

14.50 – Back at school for the first humiliation of my day… My office boy is busy so I have to carry the toxic toad up the street myself. Thankfully I managed to persuade another mum friend & her two sons to carry it back for me. Not a good donation yield, but sold about 30 tickets!

15.40 – Hubby texts me, he’s sick. Fever, chills, coughing etc. etc. Can I go to the drug store. So off I go to London Drugs where I also purchase 2 super size bars of Lindt chocolate (because they were on offer), a bottle of fabric bleach (to remove the brown paint that has still not come out of elder child’s polo shirt), a can of hairspray (again I’m running out & it was on offer), & 4 packets of tick tacks because they were by the till & you always need tick tacks!

15.50 – Back at school I check in with teacher mom about hockey tomorrow & inform the kindergarten teacher that her paint is not as washable as she’d advertised.

16.00 – Pick up younger child from his active games class & we go to the playground to wait for elder child to come out of drama. I chat to another mum who is waiting for her child who’s doing track & field (elder child is supposed to do this but can’t until after the school play!). I make a mental note that we need to leave before the athletes arrive back from the field, why? Well I tell her that it’s because it’s chaotic, but really it’s because I have a ridiculous high school girl crush on my elder sons gym teacher so I need to leave before he arrives.

16.30 – We finally leave the playground. Hot teacher has not returned with the T&F kids, so we make our exit, into the senior school to catch the elevator down to the parking lot & who do I walk into going around the corner? He’s about a foot & a half taller than me so my face meets the lower part of his chest – humiliation no.2!! I think my cheeks are still burning just because he smiled (I swear it was so hot he was a fire hazard) & placed his hand on my shoulder to make sure I was ok (of course I’m not, I’ve just buried my face in your pecs!)

17.00 – Home to sick hubby for dinner (his appetite isn’t poorly that’s for sure!), homework & one last practice for younger child’s talent show trial tomorrow before he packs up his guitar…

Watch this space to find out if he’s picked to perform!



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