Sorry sort of Sunday…

07.30 – I am playing the ‘never again’ game in my head.

08.20 – I finally manage to drag my sorry backside out of bed.

08.40 – 2 Tylenol, a glass of water later & a bucket of tea I actually don’t feel too bad.

08.50 – I blame the 9oz glass of Ardbeg – our server miss heard me & thought I asked for a glass of Malbec, she asked would I like 6 or 9ozs. I look at her funny & having already had 2, maybe 3, cocktails I shamelessly say 9oz. Then when I thought about it that would be a VERY LARGE whisky! The 9oz glass of Malbec arrives & I immediately say ‘that’s not whisky’… & oh how we laughed!

09.15 – I revive myself in the shower.

10.00 – We iChat to the grandparents for 2&1/2 hours.

13.30 – After a snacky lunch we make plans for hubby & elder child to ride, but then hubby continue on to do a longer ride.

14.00 – They disappear off in their lycra, younger child & I sort ourselves out to follow & meet them.

15.00 – We pick up elder child at the park, wave off hubby, & then walk the dog.

16.15 – We all arrive home at the some time, younger child is upset because he can’t ride with daddy, so daddy then takes him out locally around the streets for a short ride.

17.00 – Swearing & cursing from my craft room as hubby tries to put up some rails on the wall for me – I now have to fill & re-paint part of the wall! I mow the boy’s hair as my seven year old is currently sporting quite the Mohawk right now & needs frequent tidying.

17.30 – Hubby finally gives up on putting the other rails up because one was such an ordeal.

18.15 – While hubby supervises the boys showering, I clean up after dinner, make lunches, & empty the dryer & the washer – discovering the ‘washable’ brown paint that elder child’s white polo shirt was covered in is not as washable as advertised! Who’s idea is it to have anything white as part of a school uniform? I assume a man’s.

19.00 – We promised the kids we’d play a board game even though it’s getting late. They chose Scatergories, tonight’s favourite answer came from elder child. The category was ‘things you do with left over turkey’ beginning with the letter ‘P’, his answer… ‘polish it off!’ – & oh how we laughed.

20.00 – Kids in bed & believe it or not I don’t fancy a glass of wine tonight!

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