Sunny Saturday…

07.30 – YAY! I slept better & even had a little sleep in.

09.30 – Elder child’s first ‘real’ field hockey game out in deepest darkest Surrey. I’m off duty because I already had a cardmaking class booked before the game schedule was published. Hubby has a long drive I kindly let him take Mercury, my Mini convertible, it is a beautiful day & she also has sat nav. I’m only driving a few blocks down the street.

10.00 – The class is about using pēbēo fantasy prisme & moon paints – which I discover are AWESOME! We do our paint effects first & then while they are drying on a hot plate of all things, we build are cards. I always lower the average age by about 20-30 years at these classes, & the other ladies drive me crazy because they don’t listen. Honestly, you would some of them had never made a card in their life.

11.30 – I get a text from hubby at half time – our son scored his first goal, which ended up being the only goal his side scored – they lost 6-1 but did well for a first game.

12.15 – I finish early but my painting still needs to bake a bit longer & I need to get away from the fools who have just stuck their cardstock together upside down, so I go shop -well what is the point in learning a new technique if you don’t buy the toys to do it yourself?

12.45 – Home to cook a lunch that will feed three hungrey boys.

14.30 – we decide to go to MEC (a ‘candy’ store for everything & anything outdoorsy). Elder child needs new cycling shorts before he strains something trying to get into the current ones, & younger child needs new rock boots. An hour & a half later we exit the store having bought new cycling tops aswell as shorts, a top for younger child aswell as his boots, & a hat, a pair of Birks & a 2 spikey balls for me! (Poor hubby only managed 3 bags of electrolyte mix)

16.45 – Arrive home to animals sprawled all over the kitchen wasting away.

Now – I need to do a quick change & tidy up before the nanny arrives at 6pm for dinner with friends – in my new sandals!


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