Thank monkey it’s Friday!

07.35 – Late for choir (that was definitely on today), my fault I rolled out of bed a bit late then forgot until I heard the words Friday & 7am on the radio as I’m stood there with severe bedhead, not yet dressed with only half my makeup on. $&*@ @%#$ $&*@ @%#$

07.45 – I leave younger child at the donation table while I go get the tickets & the GIANT stuffy.

07.55 – I get one of the office boys to help me because as you can see said monkey is not just giant – he’s GIGANTIC!

08.00 – I pack younger child off to his class & older child passes by on his way from choir to his classroom.

The lobby is starting to busy up now & I have already taken receipt of several bags of stuffy’s & unopened toys.

The monkey is stopping traffic & causing a bit of congestion – I wonder if I need a second pair of hands for crowd control?

08.30 – We have been inundated with donations & I’ve sold quite a few tickets.

08.40 – My office boy collects the monkey & walks back down the street in broad daylight with him – thankfully I walk much slower at the moment so I’m a few paces behind. Another volunteer mum helps us too & can’t believe how much stuff we have already on day 2. I mention that I should probably start and sort it into prize categories that day & she offers to help. We go for a quick coffee before we part agreeing to meet at around 13.45.

09.30 – I walk the dog – slowly because it’s now the end of the week & I’m suffering, but it’s another beautifully sunny & really warm day so it’s nice to out.

10.45 – At home I change all the beds, towels & throw some laundry in. I grab a birthday card for teacher mum’s daughter, have something to eat, prepare drinks & snacks to take to school for me & the boys, get changed out of my dog walking clothes, throw the wet washing in the dryer, sit down for half an hour to paint my nails (random I know but you have to take these opportunities when they come along, & it makes me sit down), then back out to school.

13.45 – Where to begin? It was just a case of being organized – a statement I thrive on – I made sections around the room for each category then we just picked a bag each & sifted through them.

14.45 – Office boy & I head back up to the main lobby of school – yes the monkey got some fresh air again as well as lots of funny looks – We set up the table & did the whole thing again. By the end of today we’ve sold over 120 tickets!

During the proceedings I notice the artist that is visiting the school this week – everybody has been talking about him – he is very distracting (especially from the back) & totally book-worthy, I just need to think of a story…

15.35 – Office boy & I walk back down the street – with monkey of course – & bid farewell & great weekends all round till we do this all again on Monday.

15.45 – I have left my children to god & good neighbours in the playground. They are fine playing with their friends with plenty of mum’s around. I return to sit in the sun & catch up with a good friend I haven’t seen in a while. I chat about tomorrow evening’s dinner arrangements with another friend, and then it’s home time because I am wilting & need a cup of tea.

16.30 – We arrive home just before hubby – its Friday so burgers for dinner.

18.00 – Kids have a bath while hubby bashes his drums & I fold the laundry I abandoned in order to sort prizes. I notice that elder child’s hockey shirt is there but not his socks or shorts – &@*% – they haven’t been washed yet. So I throw in another load, on a Friday night when I should be drinking a G&T & chilling out!

19.00 – Kids go to bed, I update the head honcho on our successful day. Hubby disappears off for a bath with a book I know he can’t put down so it could be hours before I see him again.

Well then… I guess I just open wine then!!

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